Beautification Committee Report, 2/15/2002


Thanks to the efforts of Dave Roberts, Revitalization Deputy from Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas’s office, we were able to get the weeds cleared on Jefferson Blvd.  He also called and sent us information on the Neighborhood Match program and the Free Tree Program.


Unfortunately, I found we are not able to participate in either program because we are CC residents and these are LA projects.  Elaine Hirahama, Community Outreach Coordinator from the City Attorney’s office has suggested we contact the businesses in our area to get their help in planting and maintaining trees along Jefferson Blvd.  We want to continue in our efforts to beautify the areas surrounding Blair Hills. Please let us know if you would like to help us in contacting the business owners to encourage their participation!


After innumerable phone calls, Helen Bing, from Code Enforcement, located the owner of the property just east of the Crystal Lounge on Jefferson.  If you’ve noticed the weeds were cut down, the sofas and other trash were hauled away and the owner has promised the old buses will be relocated sometime this year.  Thank you Helen Bing!


Our thanks also to Councilman Alan Corlin who answered my email request to the current City Council to get us a wastebasket at the school bus stop at Wrightcrest and Lenawee.  Thanks also to the students who are cooperating with us in using the trash can!


We can never stop thanking our neighbor Mario as he continues to clean up the trash along Lenawee.  We also appreciate John and  Hazel White for painting out the graffiti along the alley way entrance coming into Blair Hills.


Remember keeping our neighborhood up keeps the value of our homes up and we can take pride in a more beautiful Blair Hills!


Cheri Sakai, Floretta Gaskin, Co-Chair, Beautification Committee


Blair Hills Beautification Efforts lead to significant results, 8/23/2001


After a week of knocking on doors, collecting Blair Hills Association Dues, signatures  to get $50,000 for the improvement of Blair Hills Park and garnering support of our own Saundra Davis for CC School Board and staying on the phone with Culver City and LA City, the following positive reports can be made:



Beautification Committee Report, 5/6/2002

The following projects are being worked on by the Beautification Committee:


Beautification Committee Report, 8/3/2002

Tak Matsuura, Culver City Park Maintenance Supervisor, Reports: 

  1. Blair Hills Park now has a Playground Director M-F from 10AM-2PM!!
  2. The park restrooms are cleaned every night.
  3. The Ficus trees along the east end of the park are being trimmed from below. What many of us believed were bushes were actually trees. They are in the process of allowing them to grow into trees so the view into the park will be very clear.
  4. Three days a week the maintenance crew is at Blair Hills Park to see that the trees and bushes are trimmed, the grass mowed, the playground sand and basketball court cleaned. 
  5. A park patrol car checks on the park activities at least once a day and sometimes twice a day after 2:30PM.


Eight -Two Story Homes Being Constructed on Lenawee says Architect/Owner David Boyd   

  1. There will be 8 two story homes being built each with its own separate patio and yard. The 1800 sq. ft. homes should be completed by June of 2003 but will be up for sale by January of 2003.

  2. According to David Boyd, the area around the homes will also be beautified with curbs and attractive landscaping.  Due to City permits, and financial restrictions there was a temporary delay in the building of the “patio homes” along Lenawee.  

Mike Boyd, Chief of Maintenance of California State Parks reports: 

The fiscal year ended on June 30. The new budget started on July 1, 2002. Mr. Boyd stated that money has been allotted for the fixing up of the Vista Pacifica park area and the hillside along Jefferson Bl. He said this would include taking down the orange fence and landscaping or fixing up that area for a “dog park”, walking trail, etc.  He stated that work has already started in cleaning up the area above Shedd Terrace.

Thank you Mario Arias!!

Mario is seen daily dragging his trash barrel all up and down Lenawee and Jefferson, cleaning up trash, weeds and cutting down the overhanging branches that for years blocked the Welcome to Blair Hills, and Culver City signs along La Cienega. Now we can see them clearly!!

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