Blair Hills Meeting - 7PM, Wednesday, May 15, 2002



The Los Angeles staff of the ECIS project reported that tunneling under Blair Hills will begin August, 2002 and should be completed by March, 2003.


3 meters are suspended in 6 inch holes near the tunneling machine to monitor any movement in the ground. Pipes have been cut into shorter units with more joints to allow more flexibility.


From 12/02-3/03 they will be installing and using a temporary manhole on the N. lane of La Cienega   As this will necessitate closing one lane this will definitely impact the already very congested traffic on La Cienega  Everyone is encouraged to travel alternate routes going N during this period of time.



Marti Nicholson from CC Parks and Recreation reported that Blair Hills park is 3rd on the list to be rejuvenated. Marti said due to the closure of the other parks that will be worked on this summer there will probably be a heavier usage of Blair Hills Park during this period.



Pete Gomez, one of three new rangers hired to oversee the Vista Pacifica Park.

introduced himself and shared his enthusiasm for the future of the park.  Lindsay Templeton has been promoted to supervisor.   They hope to have the new rangers’ headquarters completed by the end of summer. 


Community members decided an affair celebrating this event would be in order around October of 2002. This could be a fun time of exploring the hillside, eating together and looking at the proposed plans on site.



Summer Sunset  Music Festival: Elaine Hirohama our always available and helpful Community Coordinator encouraged our attendance at the Summer Music Festivals in the patio of the CC Hall at 7PM, Thursday nights beginning 6/6/02-9/5/02. A schedule of events is available upon request.  The music ranges from Afro-Cuban/Salsa to Latin Jazz, Country and Western, and Bluegrass!


YOUR E:MAIL ADDRESS Everyone with an email address is encouraged to email Jon Melvin as soon as possible.


GRAFITTI Mim Shapiro encouraged everyone to contact the Graffiti Hotline to get rid of the graffiti on Jefferson Blvd as soon as possible.


ODOR HOTLINE:  1.866-44 SEWER   Report any odors. Give your name, phone number. When and where you detected the odor


ANNUAL RABIES CLINIC:  Thursday, June 6, 2002 from 7-8:30PM at Vets Auditorium Parking Lot ,  4117 Overland Ave., CC


HAZARDOUS WASTE PICKUP will be on Saturday, June 29, 2002 from 9AM-3PM, at WLA College, Parking Lot 7, 4800 Freshman Dr. CC. Bring items in a sturdy box. Do not mix products together. You can bring brake fluid, paint thinners, etc. cleaners with acid or lye, pesticides, herbicides, motor oil.  Note: Do NOT bring explosives, ammunition, tires or radioactive materials.


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