Blair Hills Association Meeting - January 17, 2012

The meeting was opened at 7:15 p.m. by Annie Wilson. Barbara C. read the minutes of the last meeting which were approved as read. Annie will ask Dorothy Steiner to send a get well card to Harriett Williams and sympathy cards to Cheri Sakai, Shirley Anderson, and to the family of Milt Phillipson.


Miscellaneous follow-up items - Jon stated that he brought to the attention of the mailperson that a sticky substance had been placed in the mailbox that is located at Lenawee and Blairstone. Terri stated that David Jallo, LA County Regional Park Superintendent, has cleaned up the landscaping in front of the school. Annie and Barbara walked to La Cienega and Wrightcrest and confirmed that the bougainvillea has been cleared and no longer obstructs the sidewalks on La Cienega in that area. Annie has made a deposit of $93.00 for reservations for the BH picnic which will be held the first Saturday in August, 2012.


Kerri will make a flyer for the February Blair Hills Association meeting and will give them to the block captains to distribute. She will obtain the block captains list from Jon. Kerri stated that we need to ask the City Council candidates to speak to us at our March meeting, before the April election. Kerri and Annie will confer with Shawn McAdory for a suitable location for the meeting.


Burglaries - Ray Winston reported a burglary and also an attempted burglary on Howard View Court. In the latter case, the police arrived before the burglar was able to gain entrance into the house. The police said to call them if you see suspicious looking strangers in the neighborhood. Kerri stated that if you see strange cars on the street, call the Culver City non-emergency line at (310) 837-1221.


Mim suggested that we give a summary of the year's activities to the neighbors. This may increase their interest in the meetings and therefore improve the number in attendance.


Ex- Eliyahu School Property Concerns - were:

         No charge for parking in the lot. Otherwise, people will be encouraged to park on the streets.

         No driving through Blair Hills to get to the parking lot.

         Where will the access to Blair Hills be?

Jon suggested that we e-mail the list of issues to the neighbors and ask them to add their questions and concerns to the list.


Dues - Bobbi stated that after the dues are collected and addresses are verified, then she will compile a new BH list. She will write a letter about the dues on the computer. The neighbors will still need to be contacted personally.


The next meeting will be held Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. The guest speaker will be Karly Katona.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.



Submitted by: Barbara Carson

Recording Secretary


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