The meeting was opened at 7:01 by Co-President Annie Wilson.   She announced that since our recording secretary, Barbara Carson, was not present, Rosalie Kirsch would be taking minutes.


Though our January 17 minutes are now available on our website,  Annie read them and they were approved as read.


Annie then read a message from Bobbie Gold.  A copy is attached to these minutes.   She then asked for committee reports.


Beautification Committee:    Member Marion Kenney reported on progress in her long-time work to get the Jefferson area cleared of weeds and debris.  The work has been long delayed because neither Culver City nor Los Angeles City would claim responsibility.  Now, with the help of Gabe Garcia, she has proof that Los Angeles is responsible.  She would like to continue to pursue this, but her health does not permit it.  Floretta Taylor, chairperson of the Beautification committee will work with Marion to pursue this.


Floretta also reported weeds and debris on the property on the corner of Lenawee and Jefferson ( 5900 Jefferson) formerly “Graingers”.  The property is now owned by Colliers International.  She asked that each of us call them at 323 726 1200, identify ourselves as residents of Blair Hills, and request that they clean up this area.  Jon Melvin will also put this request in our next email.


Welcoming Committee:  Hank Shapiro reported that he has been connecting with a new neighbor and that he will notify her of future meetings.


No other committees had business to report this month, so Annie asked for individual announcements.


Ruth Butler asked that all residents who walk their dogs carry plastic bags and clean up after their pets.  Myra Harris  and Annie Wilson seconded this request and noted the recent increase in the number of dogs in the neighborhood, and that residents of the apartment complex had been observed walking their dogs in the area surrounding the apartment area.  Annie also said that there is now a new manager at the apartments, and that she will contact her with this request.


Cheri Sakai thanked all who have sent sympathy messages to her since the death of her husband Richard Sakai.  She also mentioned how impressed her non-Blair Hills friends were at the warmth displayed by the many Blair Hills Community  residents who attended the funeral.  In appreciation, Cheri supplied delicious refreshments for this meeting.


Annie read an announcement from longtime resident Lee Philipson whose husband Milton died recently.  A memorial for him will be held at their home at 5965 Wrightcrest on February 25 from 11 until 2.  


CoPresident Kerry Lue announced that all of the candidates for the upcoming Culver City Council will come to our next Blair Hills Association’s March 20 meeting.  The meeting will be held in this Kenneth Hahn meeting room. Shawn McAdory, regional park superintendent and our contact person for the park will try to make  arrangements for additional chairs, etc. and she urges everyone to attend to get to know the candidates before casting their vote in April election.


Dorothy Steiner announced that the voting place for that April election, for Blair Hills residents only, will be her home at 5964 Stoneview.



At 7:30 Annie introduced our speaker, Karly Katona, Deputy for Sustainability from the office of Mark Ridley-Thomas, Supervisor, Second District, County of Los Angeles. 


Karly indicated that she is part of a team which has responsibilities for the Stoneview property that was formerly the school site, and that others on that team would also be speaking tonight.   She reported that the property is now governed  by the  Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority and the Santa Monica Recreation Authority as joint powers.  The property is scheduled to be part of a 13 mile trail that will extend from the Stocker/ LaBrea corridor through Kenneth Hahn park,  to the Baldwin Hills Overlook, then to the Ballona Creek area and from there to the ocean.  Only one portion (the La Cienega area) is not yet within their authority.  For further information and maps, we can go to  Click on issues (home, media…issues)click on environment, scroll down , click on The Park to Playa Feasibility Plan is Complete.   Currently “due diligence” inspection work is being done on the site, and, in partnership with the Sheriff’s Department they are now “securing” the site.


Karly then introduced   the next member of the team, James Kearns, Assistant Deputy Director Project Management District II.


Karly explained that he and his staff are responsible for the preliminary work and data collection. Mr. Kearns said that everything under the property must be examined and that that has already started.   He  outlined some of the findings so far:


·         The property is in an earthquake zone and there is a fault running through the property.   They dug down 16’and compared strata.  It is unsafe and can no longer be used as a school. However, the zone permit is for a school, so it needs to be re-zoned.  Rezoning will not allow the buildings to stay, nor can new buildings be erected on that portion of the site.    

·      Based on old topographic maps and historical data,  the area was a ravine that was filled in with uncertified soil during the 1940s and l950s when there were no inspections and the area does not meet today’s standards.  No buildings can be used or erected on that area.  

·      There is an abandoned oil well directly under the auditorium.  It was sealed and filled in.  However there is water there and that must be investigated.  They will know more next month.                                                  

·      They also need to investigate for lead and for asbestos contamination before the current buildings can be demolished and removed.


The next speaker was Hayden Sohm, a Deputy in the Department of Parks and Recreation for LA County.   He clarified for us the role of his department on the use of the property after the Public Works Department has completed their work.  He indicated that they plan to work closely with the residents of the area to get their input as they begin to plan the next steps on the use of the land.  He also indicated knowledge and understanding of what has been happening in our area in regard to traffic, the limited entrance to and exit from the area, the narrow streets, etc.  He said that his department will be working with Shawn Mcadory, the Park Superintendent at Kenneth Hahn Park.  The planning process is scheduled and may start in mid-May, and they will be asking for our input at that time.


The final speaker was Kevin Hannigan from the Sheriff’s department.  He spoke of the frequent policing of the area to assure safety and he asked that, in addition, we, the residents, let his department know if we see any suspicious activity in the area.  His phone number is 310 965 8659.  There are also phone numbers on the many signs that have been erected in the area.


Meeting closed at approximately 8:50.


Minutes submitted by Rosalie Kirsch


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