Blair Hills Community Meeting - April 17, 2012


The meeting was opened at 7:05 p.m. by Annie Wilson. Barbara Carson read the minutes from the February meeting which were approved as read. No minutes were taken at the March meeting because that meeting was devoted to the candidates who were running for election to the City Council.


Beautification- Marian Kenney has been in communication with Gabe Garcia concerning the cleanup on Jefferson. He will contact Mark Ridley Thomas' office about this issue. Marian will ask someone to take pictures of the trash, weeds, etc. that exist at that Jefferson and Hetzler area.


Marian reported that Mr. Schultz stated that if the Bridge Housing Corporation cannot get financing to redevelop his property, then he will do it himself. It will be the same size and scale that the Bridge Corporation had planned. The houses will sell at market value and will not be a low income project.


There was a discussion that Mr. Schultz needs to clean up his property on the La Cienega side and that this has been an eyesore for years. Kerri Payne Lue said that she will contact one of the City Council members about this, and will follow up with an e-mail and other communication.


Other beautification topics were (1) The Blair Hills sign on La Cienega needs to be repainted. Kerri stated that this is not a priority for the City, so we can do this ourselves, and (2) Blair Hills residents can call Culver City if they want big items to be picked up, such as tires, furniture, a mattress, etc.


The Culver City Green Space Committee is planning two meetings which will be held on Saturday, April 28th at 10:00 a.m. and Wednesday,  May 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Veterans Memorial Building. The goal is to improve the environmental and recreational open spaces in our parks. The neighborhood residents are encouraged to attend and contribute ideas for activities that can take place at the Blair Hills park. We were reminded that if we are able to get any special equipment for the BH park, it will be available for anyone to use it, in addition to the Blair Hills residents.


Several neighbors reported that a large crowd held activities at the Blair Hills park on Easter Sunday. This resulted in an overflow of cars parked on the neighborhood streets. Kerri suggested that we check with the Parks and Recreation Department before holidays to see what groups, if any, have filed for permits to use the BH park. If there is over a certain number of people in the group, a permit is needed.


Public Transportation - Kerri reported that people will be able t o ride the Expo Metro trains free on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th. Beginning April 30th the fare will be $1.50 for each segment that you ride. For persons who are 62 years and older or disabled, the fare is 85 cents per segment. A five day pass can be purchased for $5.00 for an unlimited number of rides during that time. Tickets can be purchased on the honor system at a kiosk. A $250.00 fee will be imposed if one is caught to be on the train without a ticket. There is a free parking structure. The trains are planned to run every twelve minutes..


Political Forum - Kerri stated that the District Attorney election will take place on June 5th. She is in the process of contacting the candidates to see if and when they will be available to speak to us at a May meeting. She will let us know which date is convenient for everyone involved. Antoinette suggested that we send a thank you letter to Scott Malsin for being very responsive to the concerns  of the Blair Hills residents. Kerri volunteered to send the letter.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The date of the May meeting ( the political forum ) will be announced.



                                                                                    Submitted by:

                                                                                    Barbara Carson



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