Minutes, Blair Hills Association Meeting on Dues Collection and Directories

Kenneth Hahn Park Community Room, 8/27/2014, 7PM



Annie Wilson

Cheri Sakai

Rosalie Kirsch

Jon Melvin

Kerri Lue

Pamela Harris

Diane Foley

Bobbi Gold

Charles Davis

Mim Shapiro

Hank Shapiro

Elson Burnley

Toby Lowenfels


We discussed collection of dues and creating a new version of the Blair Hills directory.


Bobbi Gold reviewed how she has been doing it for years:

1.     Receive information from block captains on directory corrections and dues paid

2.     Enter into the database

3.     Print lists: One sorted by street, the other by last name

4.     Have copies printed with cover letter in front of lists and color page between lists

5.     Print mailing labels for those who have paid dues

6.     Have a mailing party to staple, put lists into 9x12 envelopes, and add stamps

7.     Mail


Jon presented idea to create web data system where various people (including block captains) can enter and update data, data can be expanded from name, address, and phone to include email, dues paid, what block, whether block captain, emergency needs and resources and skills.Lists can be displayed on web site sorted in various ways (street address, name), selected in various ways (e.g., full list, block captains only, only people who have paid dues or not paid dues, by block captainís region, Ö).  Lists can be printed from web site and then have copied, or deliver as PDF.Access would be carefully restricted by using passwords and by not emailing out any information.It was agreed that Jon would develop the system and Diane and Toby and Kerri would review it.


Everyone agreed that the big task was collecting the dues and directory changes.  Kerri is doing

most of the coordination with the block captains on this.  We discussed having people pick up the lists or digital copies from block captains (or Jon Melvin) rather than the costly mailing. 

There was some consensus to do this but no vote was taken.


We will work toward having all dues collected and directories printed and distributed by October.


Also discussed were treasury issues.  We wish to change the financial procedures to have three signers on the bank account, with two signatures minimum being required.  Besides Ellen Greif, we will add Annie Wilson, co-president, and Kerri Payne Lue, co-president, as signers.We also wish to ask Ellen Greif to provide regular reports and come to meetings more often as part of her treasurer duties.


It was suggested that we issue a newsletter.We will ask Rhonda who did flyers for us if she can do a newsletter.


Jon Melvin, 8/28/2014


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