Blair Hills Meeting

Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 7-9PM


The following people attended the meeting:

Annie Wilson, President

Elston Burnley

Antoinette Lowe

Bobbi Gold

Angie Waller

Jason King

Andrea Parra

Ellen Greif, Treasurer

David Boyd  (friend of Rob Schultz)

George Rousell

Mim Shapiro

Mark Kelly

Toby Lowenfels

Jon Melvin

Hayden Sohn, County Parks

Matthew Feldhaus, County Parks


Matthew Feldhaus, Consultant Project Manager for the Stoneview Nature Center project, gave a presentation on current and planned work at the site. Demolition of existing structures and pavement will begin in October and last through December. Construction of the new center will begin in Spring because that is when new vegetation needs to be planted to get a good start. The final contractor for the project has not yet been selected, but the County is talking to a very likely candidate. Material to absorb sounds of demolition will be placed on the fences, but it is not necessary to build sound walls. There will be required standards for noise control. The project is expected to be finished in 2016.  Tentative Schedule for Stoneview Nature Center:


October 1, 2014 - December 2014: Abatement & demolition begins

Dec 31, 2014: MOU with city completion date

Spring 2015: full construction begins / site landscaping

Spring 2016: anticipated project completion


Los Angeles County states that "the Stoneview Nature Center will demonstrate and inspire the values of healthy living for visitors and the neighboring community." 1% of the project budget will be dedicated to inclusion of community art.


An informational sign will be posted at entrance for residents once construction begins.


Karly Katona, LA County Deputy Supervisor, could not attend due to family emergency. She stated that the County is currently looking at alternatives to the trail alignment because of concerns expressed regarding the trail and the proposed access to Kenneth Hahn Park being too close to homes on Stoneview. Please note: concerns regarding the Stoneview project can be addressed Assistant Senior Deputy for Environmental Sustainability.  Phone: (213) 974-2222, email


Discussion was held regarding the current work being performed by Chevron and Freeport (formerly PXP). Several residents expressed concerns regarding all of the work and it's impact on their quality of life.


The Five Points segment of the Park to Playa trail is complete.  The Stocker corridor will be built next. The West Ridge segment construction begins next year.  The Blair Hills area segment is on hold at this time.


Ellen Greif gave the BHA mid-year treasure's report:


The ending balance as of August 29, 2014 is $6,041.92.

Dues collected came to $780.00

Expenses consist of:

Greeting cards: $12.68

BHA picnic supplies and refreshments: $358.58

BHA welcome kit materials: $39.09


Our Association bank account at US Bank has been changed to add as agents authorized to act on behalf of Association Annie C. Wilson, Co-President and Kerri E Payne-, Co-President along with Ellen Greif, Treasurer.

US Bank requested a signed copy of the minutes authorizing this change.  Jon Melvin suggested that at some point we require two signers on checks that is a typical way associations guarantee proper financial operation.

Former secretary Elizabeth Dixon was removed as an agent.


Ellen Greif put in her resignation as Treasurer effective November 30, 2014.  We all thanked her for her service.


Mim Shapiro suggested having CC Parks assign a coach at the park because we have so many new residents with young children who use it.  Jon suggested having someone from Culver City Parks talk at an upcoming meeting, about this and about any other questions we might have.


Mim asked to work with Antoinette Lowe on art for the Stoneview Nature Center. 


Toby Lowenfels will work on a newsletter.  Jon Melvin sent her a list of topics and Mim Shapiro offered historical material to use in the newsletter.


Jon Melvin reported that he has completed the data system that allows entry of neighborhood addresses and phone numbers for our directory, email addresses, blocks and block captains, dues collection information, and skills, resources, tools, and needs relevant to emergency preparedness, as well as pictures.  The system can be used to generate directories in various orders (address, name) and for various purposes.  Jon also reported that he and Kerri just completed the Culver City Police Academy, and recommended that others attend to learn about how our police department operates, maintains professional standards, and works to proactively prevent crime.


Prepared by Antoinette Lowe and Jon Melvin and Bobbi Gold

Acting secretaries for this meeting


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