Blair Hills Association
January 19, 2016

Blair Hills President Annie Wilson started the meeting at 7:05pm

November meeting minutes were read and approved as read




Discussion on Email Etiquette 

Picnic Update

Traffic Discussion 

A straw vote was taken on traffic solutions. Vote results shown.

1. Place a sign on Lenawee and Wrightcrest requiring no right turn onto La Cienega between 4-7pm Monday through Friday with the exception of residents - majority
2. Placard for Blair Hills residents - majority
3. Signage prior to entering Blair Hills in the city of LA placed on Holdrege, Bowcroft and Rodeo- not a majority
4. Every household receive notifications on traffic meetings - majority
5. Look into cost of guard gate and impact on residents - yes
6. Submit the traffic study provided by the Schultz yes (now posted on the web site Jon Melvin)
7. Public art- not majority

New Business

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


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