Blair Hills Association
October 18, 2016


(These minutes were prepared by Bobbi Gold in the absence of the official secretary.)


The meeting was chaired by co-president Kerri Payne Lue and was opened about 7:15 PM in the meeting room of the Community Building of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.




1. Kerri read the minutes of the previous meeting of 9/20/16


2. The Blair Hills Association bank account balance is $4,740.32.


3. It's time for dues collection on our 2-year schedule and preparation of a new directory.


4. Anyone who'd like to plan a little Halloween activity for kids should contact Jon Melvin



5. Bobbi Gold acquired a huge tub of unsorted papers belonging to Mary Ann Greene. Mary Ann had given them to Annie Wilson before moving to Arizona. The papers are on a variety of topics pertaining to the history of Blair Hills and the Baldwin Hills; Bobbi considers the process leading up to the creation of the Scenic Overlook among the most interesting. She hopes to organize them in a form that would make them available to others; Karly Katona, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' deputy, indicated that the County Library could scan them and put them online. Anyone interested in working on this project should contact Bobbi at


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