Blair Hills Association
Meeting, May 15, 2018


(These minutes were prepared Angela Arnold.)


Meeting was opened by Annie at 7:12pm

February minutes were read and approved

Treasury report – Ending balance 12/31/17 - $4,282.02

June neighborhood meeting will include the new Parks and Recreation head and a discussion of what we would like to see in a renovation of the park

Reminder: the neighborhood block party will be the second weekend in August. Volunteers are needed for the block party committee.

Several people are having trouble with excessive vibration of their water pipes. Contact Ray Winston if you are having the same issue. He is in contact with Golden State Water and is looking into the possible causes.

Police are aware of RV parked on Bowcroft and are driving by frequently. Overnight RV parking is allowed on Bowcroft but not on Holdredge.

The gate to the Park to Playa trail is open. You can now take the trail from Stoneview Nature Center to the Baldwin Hills Overlook. Access to the trail is only available during Nature Center hours (8am-5pm).

Welcome to our new neighbors on Crestview – Hillary and Andy

If you would like to see Stoneview Nature Center have longer hours, please contact Karly Katona, Deputy for Mark Ridley Thomas’s office. Longer hours are a possibility in the future if we show our support.

Stoneview Nature Center has a nonprofit group supporting the center called the Stoneview Nature Center Associates. The nonprofit will support programming and improvements to the park. You can join the Stoneview Nature Center Associates by completing a form at the Nature Center front desk (Dues: Individuals, $30, Families, $45, Seniors, $20). 

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm

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