Blair Hills Association
Meeting, July 17, 2018


(These minutes were prepared Angela Arnold.)


Meeting called to order at 7:08pm


·         Introduction of new neighbors

·         Annual Block Party will be held at Blair Hills Park on August 11th; Flyers will be distributed soon to block captains.

·         There will be no neighborhood association meeting in August because of the block party.

·         The Blair Hills Park playground is going to be updated. Ballots are available at Stoneview Nature Center. There are six designs to choose from. Vote for your favorite design before the end of July. Construction will occur in November or December.

·         New electrical poles are being installed near Stoneview Nature Center on Wednesday August 1st. They will be installed by helicopter. Work will take place from 8am to 4pm.

·         Culver City free summer concert series takes place on Thursdays from 7-9pm in front of city hall. Four weeks left.

·         National Night Out, Tuesday August 7th, at Vet’s Park. Activities for kids, free food, music.

·         Carlson Park is experiencing a problem with coyotes coming into the neighborhood and killing cats. To prevent coyote problems in Blair Hills it is important that we all keep pet food inside and are careful to keep our pets inside at night.

·         A study has been completed that verifies that there are no venomous snakes in the entire Baldwin Hills area.

·         Park to Playa Trail – The section from Culver City Park to Baldwin Hills Overlook will be completed in the next few weeks. The section from Stoneview Nature Center to Kenneth Hahn will be completed by 2020. Plans for the bridge over La Cienega can be viewed on Mark Ridley-Thomas’ website

·         Culver City has given Lime and Bird scooters a 6-month trial period. You must wear a helmet and cannot drive on the sidewalk. You also must be 18 or older.

Partnerships in Policing:

Ruben Silva is the new Partnerships in Policing partner for Blair Hills. He works Mon-Wed 7am to 7pm and can be reached at or (310) 253-6352

-          Would members of the force be willing to meet with kids in the neighborhood? National Night Out is a good opportunity to interact with the police.

-          How long are residential vehicles (RVs) allowed to park on Holdredge? Vehicles can park 72 hours. If they move even an inch the clock starts over. Officers are coming by to monitor the area. Also Holdredge is in Los Angeles City, not Culver City.

-          How can we avoid break ins in the neighborhood? Security systems, dogs, Ring video doorbells are helpful deterrents. You can call the police before you go out of town and they will patrol your street while you are gone.

New Business:

·         Integrity of Blairstone street pavement – If you live on Blairstone and are concerned about the quality of the street, contact Culver City Connect

·         Permit parking tickets – If you have received a ticket for parking without a permit let Kerry know. Gabe Garcia said that the parking permit signs would not be enforced, and Kerry can bring any tickets to his attention.

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