Blair Hills Association
Meeting, October 16, 2018


(These minutes were prepared Angela Arnold.)


Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.


September meeting minutes were read and accepted.


New Business:


Officer Aubrey Kellum – Culver City Police Department representative; Responsible for animal management, traffic and parking, and e-scooters

·         One report of a coyote in Blair Hills, a backyard on Ivy St.

·         Sunkist and Carlson Park are the heavier areas for coyotes. 40-50 cat deaths in recent months

·         Coyotes have known dens in the marina wetlands, the oil fields, and the Baldwin Hills area

·         Culver City has a coyote management plan that addresses what steps to take as coyotes progress from low habituation to high habituation

·         Coyotes are first attracted to pet food. Fruit trees also attract coyotes. They are omnivores. They will eat anything.

·         July through September new pups are born. In October pups get kicked out of the den.

·         Culver City coyote hotline – 310-253-6141

·         If you see a coyote don’t approach. Watch behavior and report to the coyote hotline.

·         No followings or aggressive behavior toward humans have been reported to date.

·         Coyotes help to control rodent population and small wildlife.

·         There is no law against feeding coyotes. Culver City is looking at legislation to address people who feed wildlife.

Scott Houston – West Basin Water District Board of Directors representative

·         West Basin Water District was formed by a vote: Responsible for water use in Culver City and other areas independent from the City of Los Angeles.

·         17 cities and 1 million residents are in West Basin: El Segundo, Culver City, Malibu, Topanga.

·         Turf removal rebates are back and our area is eligible.

·         Water Harvest open house at the water recycling plant in El Segundo this Saturday.

·         District is exploring de-salinization.

·         Working on a feasibility study to bring recycled water to Culver City. First spot to explore is Kenneth Hahn.

·         40 million gallons of water a day are recycled and discharged back to the South Bay.

·         Two people are running for the District IV position that Scott Houston currently holds.

Amanda Parsons – Sentinel Peak Resources, Ombudsman

·         Sentinel Peak annual meeting will be an open house with a pumpkin patch and barbecue. Staff will be available to answer any questions that you have on Saturday 12pm-2pm at 5640 South Fairfax

·         The oil field was established in 1924; Whoever owned the land parcels in this area at that time likely own the mineral rights now.

·         There is no fracking in the Inglewood Oil Field currently and no fracking in Los Angeles.

·         Culver City created a proposal for 60 new oil wells to study the environmental impact. None of the oil field operators asked for new oil wells. Culver City created the project to understand worst case scenarios.

·         Sentinel checks the level of the land in certain spots monthly to see if the landscape is sinking. The land in this area has been rising, which points to seismic activity rather than oil field activity.

·         In the drilling process, oil, water, and gas come out of the ground. The water that comes out of the ground is undrinkable, brackish water. The oil is separated from the water and then the water is put back in the ground. What comes out is 2% oil and 98% water.

·         Sentinel peak has a 24-hour hotline to call with any questions.

·         Sentinel Peak is the 4th largest oil producer in California.

Committee Reports:


Beautification Committee

·         The committee has been focused on removal of graffiti on Jefferson Boulevard and asking people who are remodeling to keep construction areas clean.



·         Ellen Greif, the Blair Hills Association Treasurer, has moved away and therefore vacated the treasurer position. Andrea Parra is now the new Treasurer for the association.

·         On election day, November 6, voting will be held at the Stoneview Nature Center

·         Bill Thomas passed away and the service will be held at Kingsley

·         The next association meeting will be on November 13th, the second Tuesday of the month. It will be a short meeting ending in a potluck social

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm


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