Blair Hills Association
Meeting, November 13, 2018


(These minutes were prepared Angela Arnold.)



Minutes of the Blair Hills Association, Culver City, California, held at the Stoneview Nature Center at 7:00 p.m. on the 13th day of November, 2018.


I.             CALL TO ORDER

                Kerri Payne-Lue called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.


                Present:               Annie Wilson, Antoinette Lowe, Kerri Payne-Lue, Angela Arnold




Motion by Kerry Payne-Lue, seconded by Annie Wilson to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 2018, Motion Carried


IV.          Current Financial Condition. 


V.            Announcements


VI.          New business


VII.         Guest Speakers


·         Council Member Goran Eriksson

o   New sales tax – The sales tax increase passed. The former sales tax generates about $11M per year; it sunsets in 2020. After the recession, the city shrank staff by 10% but tried to maintain the same level of services. We now have the same sales tax rates as Santa Monica.

§  Example of staff cuts: Six times a day there are no paramedics in the city, during the week. Three times a day on the weekends. Agreement with LA County to provide paramedic services when needed.

o   Police expenditure - Police Chief has asked for a new mental health group. We currently have one that receives 3 calls a day. Group includes a psychologist and two trained officers. Police Chief has asked for another bicycle patrol. Six electric bikes currently.

o   Pension - Pension commitment is permanent. In 2010 the pension was re-negotiated. In 2030-2040 the pension pay outs will be at the peak. The city has $10M in an irrevocable pension trust with a 4% to 5% return.

o   General Plan – The General Plan is a document that outlines development, land use, safety, environment, equity, etc. Plan is binding and guides the city staff for the next 10 years. The plan is currently being updated.

·         Culver City Fire Department Battalion Chief

o   Fires – Culver City participates in a joint strike team with Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Sent two fire engines to help in Malibu. Even when strike teams go out, the FD calls in other firefighters to cover Culver City.

o   There is a plan for how to handle a fire in the Culver Steps area, how to evacuate people from the top.

o   The oil field has a plan with Culver City FD on how to handle a fire in the oil fields. Culver City doesn’t have its own helicopters but LA City and County would send water helicopters right away.

o   If you have a wood burning stove, use a chimney sweep to clean it out before you use the fire again.

o   Alerts – Use to receive alerts. The city can send out an alert from the FD and PD.

·         Angie from Parallel Method

o   Parallel Method is hosting kid and parent classes at SNC. Kids 3-6 are in an enrichment class while parents do an enrichment class of their own. This Saturday classes at 11am and 3pm.


Kerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:58pm. Seconded by Annie. Motion Carried.



Additional Notes:

·         Patrick Soon Shiong who is the new owner of the LA Times has his office right off Jefferson near Blair Hills

·         The Culver Steps project, the block-wide 6-story complex next to Trader Joe's in Culver City,  was built by Amazon to house Amazon Studios.  They have also bought a good portion of the Culver Studios as well. The Amazon complex will probably be hiring as many as 3,000 employees.


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