Blair Hills Association
Meeting, January 15, 2019


(These minutes were prepared Angela Arnold.)


Minutes of the Blair Hills Association, Culver City, California, held at the Stoneview Nature Center at 7:00 p.m. on the 15th day of January, 2019.


I.             CALL TO ORDER

                Kerri Payne-Lui called the meeting to order at 7:11 pm.


                Present:               Annie Wilson, Antoinette Lowe, Kerri Payne-Lui, Angela Arnold




Motion by Annie, seconded by Antoinette to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 2018, Motion Carried


IV.          Current Financial Condition. 


V.            Announcements


VI.          New business


·         There is a dangerous blind spot at the four way stop at Lenawee and Ivy. Because of the pedestrian crossing on Lenawee, the stop sign cannot be moved forward. The fence on the north side of Ivy blocks the view of those turning left, but it also is legal and up to the property owner’s discretion. Be careful at this intersection and pull out slowly.

·         Floretta Taylor Gafton – Beautification projects – If anyone in the neighborhood has ideas for future beautification projects please come to the February meeting and speak with Floretta, who heads the beautification committee.



VII.         Old business


·         Neighborhood block party will be scheduled for the second Saturday in August


·         Schultz construction project

o   The project between Lenawee and La Cienega is running behind schedule. They are waiting on Edison’s approval for the underground utilities before putting the new streets in. It will be another few months before Edison approves and the work can get started. There will be a three way stop at the intersection of Lenawee and the project.

o   The project includes 8 new homes and an assisted living facility. The first phase including four houses has begun. The second phase including four more houses will kickoff when the first phase is complete. The new streets will go in as part of the first phase, which should be complete by late spring.

o   Square footage of the new houses is 3,200. They are 4 bed, 4 bath, single family homes. The existing home on the site will remain.

o   Assisted living facility – They are working on financing for the facility. Should be 9 months from financial commitment to permits from the city, and then 18-24 months to build. The facility will have 90 units and 100 beds. The facility qualifies for residential zoning. Also there will be a deceleration lane built on La Cienega to provide an entrance to the assisted living facility. However you will not be able to exit to La Cienega from the site.


VIII.       Guest Speakers


Kerri made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:58pm. Seconded by Annie. Motion Carried.


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