Blair Hills Association
Meeting, February 19, 2019


(These minutes were prepared Cheri Sakai.)


Minutes of the Blair Hills Association, Culver City, California, held at the Stoneview Nature Center at 7:00 p.m. on the 19th day of February, 2019.


Last Tuesday, February 19, 2019, our co-presidents Annie Wilson and Kerri Payne-Lue led an informative and helpful Blair Hillís meeting.  They had as guest speakers, a representative from the Police Department, and two from the LA County Sheriff's Department.


There has been some concern over a few burglaries in the neighborhood this past year.  The most recent was someone entered a home on Vicstone and stole all their photography equipment.


There have been no robberies.  Robberies are when someone has had a face to face encounter with a person who is trying to rob or harm them in any way.Burglaries are when someone has entered your home or car with the intention of taking something belonging to you


We were advised to never open the door at night to anyone you do not know and call the police immediately if they persist.  A RING doorbell can be purchased at Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, and other places for less than $200. The RING enables you to talk and see the person at the door before opening it.


A camera is also helpful and some good ones are less than $200.If one person on each block in Blair Hills would purchase one this would help the police catch any burglar or robber through a quick ID of the person and any vehicle he might be driving. One camera might cover the whole block.


Our greatest protection can be our neighbors so we were strongly advised to get to know our neighbors next door, across the street and around us. 


In that same vein, please phone or email to pick up a Welcome Kit from Cheri and share this with any new neighbors.


Coyotes are in reproduction mode right now so be aware and protect yourself and your pets from the coyotes.  Kerri spotted one on La Cienega.


Be sure Stoneview Nature Center has your email address so you will be notified of any activity going on there.  There appears to be a larger participation of adults and children outside of Blair Hills for some of the events than inside our neighborhood.   


Latest follow-up about some of our former neighbors:  Shirley Hellman is very happily living at an Independent living facility near the Culver City Senior Center.  Rosalie Kirsch lives Mar Vista and with frequent visits from her family is doing well.  Hank Shapiro lives in Ladera Heights, and is recovering from brain surgery.


Julie and Neal Fahrer are now in an assisted living facility in Victorville.


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