Blair Hills Association
Meeting, April 16, 2019

(minutes prepared by Angela Arnold)


Minutes of the Blair Hills Association, Culver City, California, held at the Stoneview Nature Center at 7:00 PM on the 16th day of April 2019.


I.             CALL TO ORDER

               Kerri Payne-Lui called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.


               Present:               Annie Wilson, Kerri Payne-Lui, Antoinette Lowe, Angela Arnold




Motion by Antoinette, seconded by Kerri to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 2019, Motion Carried


IV.          Current Financial Condition. 


V.           Announcements

·        Six houses are up for sale in Blair Hills. Cherie has welcome packets for new neighbors. Contact her.

·        There are new trees on the Stoneview portion of the Park to Playa trail. They were donated to provide shade for the trail.

·        You may see gopher snakes or king snakes on the trail now that it is spring. They are harmless. No rattle snakes in this area.

·        Culver City State of the City Address – There is a video on the Culver City website showcasing Stoneview – “Culver City Moving Forward”

·        Blair Hills playground construction is underway and is due to be completed by May 5th

·        Angela Arnold’s family adopted the turtle from Blair Hills Park. It’s in their front yard on Stoneview. Feel free to visit the turtle anytime.

·        Culver City App – Go Request. You can make requests for potholes and other city services

·        Construction on Lenawee – Sidewalk going in next week. Waiting for Edison to run electricity before paving the street.

·        Charter rates for Stoneview Nature Center Associates expire in May. Funds from the Associate membership goes to support the Nature Center and programming.

·        Citizen’s Police Academy – An 8–10-week class. Once a week on Wednesdays. Applications available now. Class starts June 12.



VI.          New business

·        Presentation by Culver City Public Works: Overview of Environmental Programs and Operations (Kim Braun, Environmental Programs and Operations Manager, 310-253-6421,

o   Public Works collects all commercial and residential waste in Culver City.

o   Plastic bags go in the black trash receptacle. They jam up the recycling machines.

o   Items for the blue recycle cart include:

§  Glass bottles and jars

§  Aluminum cans, foil and trays

§  Steel and tin cans

§  Plastics (1-5 & 7)

§  Clean/Dry paper

§  Clean/Dry Cardboard

o   Food waste now goes into the green cart: vegetables, dirty paper, wet paper, egg shells, bones, seafood, meat, wet cardboard, paper towels, paper cups, any paper that touches food

o   Public works doing a door drop to all single-family residences on food waste in the green bin

o   Food Recovery Program (SB 1383) – Culver City must recover a certain percent of unused food from Culver City businesses and distribute to the hungry

o   Bulk item / illegal dumping collection – Schedule a pick up for bulk items; up to 4 items are free. Call 310-253-6400 to schedule a pick up

o   Bin enclosure ordinance – Commercial and multi-family residences must have permanent enclosures for trash bins

o   Construction and Demolition – You have to use Culver City for demo and construction trash

o   Transfer Station – All trash goes to the transfer station on Jefferson Blvd. Trash gets sorted and goes to recycling, landfill, compost site, or trash burning facility

o   Hazardous Waste - Culver City has a contract with Stericycle. You will be able to schedule a pick up with Stericycle for hazardous waste.

o   Recycle Coach App – App available online with information on collection days, what goes in the cans, etc.

o   Mr. EcoHero – Public works has a mascot that visits schools to teach kids about recycling

o   Public Works Events

§  E-waste & paper shred event

§  Compost giveaway

§  Smart Gardening

§  HHW Round-up

§  Rain Barrel Giveaway

§  Grey Water Workshop

o   City buildings are becoming zero-waste facilities starting on Monday

o   Party Truck – Culver City now has a recycling truck available for rentals so that both kids and adults can operate the arm feature at their next party (310-253-6403). $100 hr/2 hr. minimum

o   Clean Bay Certification Restaurant Program – Public Works inspects businesses to ensure that they are disposing grease properly

o   Polystyrene ban – Can’t use polystyrene for food packaging. No plastic straws.

o   Stormwater – Mandated reduction in pollution that is going into Ballona Creek and into the bay. Several projects completed and underway to meet this mandate.

§  Transfer station project complete

§  Culver Blvd. Stormwater Project – June/July 2019, changing the median on Culver Blvd. between Sepulveda and Elinda. $15m project. Money from Culver City, Beverly Hills, and other funding sources

§  Washington Blvd. stormwater diversion project in front of Costco, starting later this year

§  Mesmer Pump Station – Centinela creek diversion. Upcoming project

·        Guest speaker: Jan Perry, former Los Angeles Council Member, running for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 2

o   Jan ran employment services for LA

o   County Supervisor Primary is March 3rd, 2020. She is running for a seat that is being vacated due to term limits. She lives in Ladera Heights.

o   Jan will be back in a few months to meet with Blair Hills residents again

·        Idea presented for future discussion – Could we do a swap of loved/used items at the Blair Hills Block Party this summer?


VII.         Old business


·        None


Kerri made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:09pm. Seconded by Annie. Motion Carried.


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