Blair Hills Association
Meeting, May 21, 2019

(minutes prepared by Angela Arnold)


Minutes of the Blair Hills Association, Culver City, California, held at the Stoneview Nature Center at 7:00 p.m. on the 21st day of May 2019.


I.             CALL TO ORDER

               Kerri Payne-Lui called the meeting to order at 7:13 pm.



               Present: Annie Wilson, Kerri Payne-Lui, Angela Arnold, Antoinette Lowe




Motion by Antoinette, seconded by Kerri to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 2019, Motion Carried


IV.          Current Financial Condition 


V.           Announcements

·        Stoneview Nature Center

o   Mindfulness Class on Sundays

o   Meditation Class on Saturdays

o   Sumer Camp – Openings for kids age 8-12; Please donate magazines and egg cartons and cotton dryer lint

·        Citizen’s police academy – 10-week course on Wednesdays at the police department, applications available now, starts June 26

·        Summer Concert Series is starting soon – can pay for reserved seating upfront

·        Beautification Committee – Would like to revitalize the block captain program in the neighborhood so that we increase participation in the monthly meetings

·        Agenda items for the next meeting:

o   Establishing a plan to collect dues

o   Updating our online presence and neighborhood emails

·        Park to Playa construction on La Cienega has been delayed, but window for work runs through July.



VI.          New business

·        Ashley Hefner, Advance Planning Manager, Community Development Department

o   General Plan is a city’s blueprint, or constitution, for future development. Plans what you want the city to look like in 20 years. The zoning code is the implementation tool of the General Plan.

o   Why update it now? Parts of the existing document date back to 1968. It’s a state requirement to update it regularly.

o   Steps for General Plan Update: prepare background data, establish vision, explore scenarios, prepare the General Plan, adoption and implementation

o   Advance Planning department was initiated two years ago. Culver City looked at West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena to understand their General Plan process.

o   Existing elements to update: Housing, Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Noise, Public Safety, Seismic Safety, Conservation

o   General Plan advisory bodies: City Council, General Plan Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committees, Planning Commission, Other commissions as needed

o   Culver City Speaker Series: June 19, Housing Affordability at Antioch University; July 17, Innovation Zones and High Capacity Urban Parking at Helms Design Center

o   How to get involved: Attend GPAC meetings, Take part in technical advisory committees, engagement toolkits + project ambassadors, pop-up workshops + events, tactical urbanism demonstration projects, online surveys


§  Information on the general plan, including who is on the general plan advisory committee, how to sign up for further information



VII.         Old business


·        None



Kerri made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:53pm. Seconded by Annie. Motion Carried.


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