The Blair Hills Association                               May, 2002                               Edited by Bobbi Gold







7:00 PM






·         Update on the ECIS Sewer Line to be built under Blair Hills

·         Update on the renovation of Blair Hills Park

·         Report on the Park Ranger's house to be built in Blair Hills



A Ranger Among Us


A Park Ranger will live on-site in the emerging Baldwin Hills State Park, which includes the former Vista Pacifica property on the hilltop to the west of Blair Hills. A home for the ranger will be built off Shedd Terrace. Find out more about the plans at the meeting.



E-mail addresses and Blair Hills web site


Jon Melvin is maintaining a database of e-mail addresses of residents who would like to receive notices of neighborhood matters. If you'd like to add yours, or if you added it previously but it has changed, please e-mail Jon Melvin.


Jon is also maintaining and expanding the new Blair Hills web site at  Check it out occasionally for new information and photos and links to other web sites of interest.



Beautification Committee Report (submitted by Cheri Sakai)


The Beautification Committee is working on the following projects:


  1. Don Marquardt of C.C. Park Maintenance has been contacted to request regular trimming of the bushes on the east side of Blair Hills Park so that the view into the park is not blocked.


  1. Dwight Oyler of C.C. Street Maintenance  has been contacted and the broken driveway on 5921 Blairstone is scheduled for repair.  Several of the driveways need repair as they were originally put in wrong, but reinstallation of all the driveways will take a much larger budget. 


  1. Jim Davis, C.C. City Engineer, said that because of budget cuts, trees on city parkways will be trimmed only once every 4 years. We may have to wait another 2 years for the trees lining Wrightcrest to be trimmed.


  1. Mario Arias was spotted by Albert Gaskin cleaning up Lenawee at 5:30AM!  Thanks, Mario!


  1. The trash can by the bus stop on Lenawee at Wrightcrest has finally been installed. Please encourage your family members to use it rather than the street to dispose of trash.


  1. Elaine Hirohama of the City Attorney's office was assigned to help unite Blair Hills in beautifying our neighborhood. Funding for her services were obtained through the efforts of Carol Schwab, our City Attorney! Thanks are in order!


  1. Dave Roberts, deputy for L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, had the weeds along Jefferson Blvd cleaned up several months ago. The weeds have come back. At the Culver City Town Hall meeting last Monday night we asked our City Council to contact LA City and asked that this area become a part of the Trees for a Green LA project and request trees, land­scaping and regular maintenance of this “weed strip”. Albert Vera, newly elected C.C. City Councilman, has said he will definitely check on this for us.


  1. Helen Bing, of C.C. Code Enforcement, was contacted by Elaine Hirohama and Cheri Sakai regarding the boat and old buses in the lot just east of the Crystal Lounge on Jefferson Blvd. She located the owner, who promised to remove these unsightly vehicles within 6 months.



New Pedestrian Bridge sketches


Those of you familiar with the old wooden pedestrian bridge which crosses Ballona Creek between Overland Avenue and Sepulveda Blvd may be interested in artist sketches of the planned replace­ment bridge. If you have internet access, you can see them on the web site of Ballona Creek Renaissance, a Culver City-based non-profit organization. Go to and click on "Bulletin Board" in the site index, then on "Pedestrian Bridge".


The bridge is both artistic and environmentally relevant. The design is based on the leaf of the alder tree, which is native to the creek area. The City hopes that construction can begin this summer and be finished by early fall, so that the old bridge can be removed by October 15, the nominal start of the rainy season.


Ballona Creek Renaissance is dedicated to the improvement of Ballona Creek in terms of water quality, aesthetics, recreation, environment, and educational opportunities. One of the uglier stretches of Ballona Creek is right at the foot of Blair Hills. To see what BCR and other agencies are working on, visit their website listed above. The new Baldwin Hills Conservancy is also likely to be involved in creek improvement.


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