August 8, 2009 Picnic

by Mary Fletcher and some editing by Annie Wilson

On Saturday August 8, 2009 the residents of Blair Hills hosted a great picnic. A great time was had by all. Several Culver City dignitaries stopped by to wish us well and grab a hot dog and soda. These included Recreation Commissioners Laura Steuart and Mary Ann Greene (Mary Ann is longtime resident and former President of Blair Hills Association) and Culver City Councilmen Mehaul O’Leary and Gary Silbiger. Also in attendance were two of the candidates running for School Board, Culver City Treasurer Krystal Alexander (also a Blair Hills resident), and Commissioners Hudson and Redholtz. School Board Member Saundra Davis (another a longtime resident of Blair Hills) attended the picnic with husband Bilson who is Blair Hills Association Vice President.

Residents of all ages attended the picnic. Many residents who grew up in Blair Hills returned with their families to join the festivities. The activities of the day included Blair Hills trivia, face painting, 3-legged racing, water balloon toss, cards, line dancing, a bouncer for the young at heart and what picnic could resist America’s favorite summer pastime, a game of baseball. Blair Hills men proudly sported their “Olympic ribbon” look alikes around their necks for beating the “young ‘uns” in baseball

Annie Wilson was this year’s picnic chairperson. Her committee members are: Rhonda Cotton, Janiece Edwa, Mary Fletcher, Joyce Guinyard, Karen Richter, and Judy Willis.

The highlights of the picnic included Janiece Edwa’s homemade ice cream and Annie Wilson’s non alcohol champagne punch. The food, drinks, games and line dancing were wonderful and enjoyable. Everyone loved the excitement of meeting, talking and playing with old and new neighbors! Karen Richter put together a fun questionnaire that made us all more aware of the history of Blair Hills. Among those answering the questions was Lois Soter who proudly let everyone know she has lived in Blair Hills longer than anyone. She moved here in 1953. Mim Shapiro rightfully receives recognition for the hard work whe did in those early years to make sure the children in Blair Hills had a park. Hazel White, another oldtimer and Rhonda Cotton, tediously and accurately made sure for this occasion that flyers were passed out to every resident in Blair Hills. We can”t forget Bobbi Gold and Jon Melvin for the e-mail reminders as well.

Hal Fairchild and Jim Davis, former city engineer, both brought their cameras and took photos.

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