Lenawee Traffic Calming Efforts, March 2011


After the recent report of a person entering Blair Hills on Lenawee from the north

very rapidly and nearly striking a parent and child at the curve, the city has been

very helpful working with us to make this area of Lenawee safer.  Gabe Garcia,

the our Traffic Engineer Manager, has led the effort.  A lot of us sent emails to the city, which

provided needed support for this effort.  Where is what is happening:


1)   Gabe had the city put up signs on 3/3/2011, the day after the emails, marking the

curve entering Lenawee from the north and turning from eastward to south, with

signs having a curved arrow and a 15mph suggested speed.  25mph signs and

stop signs have also been replaced with new signs.


2)   Gabe obtained authorization to fast-tracking qualification and installation of

speed mitigation.  On 3/8 he met with us at Jon and Rosie’s home and outlined

the steps:


·        MONTH 1


We gather signatures from homes on both sides of the street, on Lenawee from

the north entrance into Blair Hills up to the intersection with Wrightcrest, and

from there along Wrightcrest eastward to the exit on La Cienega.  This

includes the condominiums.  Gabe just supplied the petition form (here).

We need a signature from each of 75% of the 37 homes along the route.

supporting this effort.  The 37 homes can be viewed here.  Referencing the

numbers in this picture, #1 is a business, #8 is a farm, #26 is twelve

condominiums, and the remainder are houses.


We need to meet and discuss possible traffic calming measures (possible

ones are summarized here), and relay our thoughts to Gabe.  He will meet

with us again to work out any issues with the proposed measures.

(Note:  Because of the Line #5 bus coming into Blair Hills, speed bumps and

humps are not an option.  A speed table or horizontal diversion is allowed.)


Gabe Garcia will have a contractor do traffic counts.  This is to be used

only if the traffic calming measures appear to have adverse impacts on

other parts of  the neighborhood, in order to determine the impact.  These counts

are not needed to qualify us for help: We get the help if we sign the petition and

the City Council gives approval.


·        MONTH 2


The issue will be brought to City Council.  We need to show up to give

support for the effort.


·        MONTH 3


The mitigation is put out to bid.


·        MONTH 4


The bid is accepted and the work is done.



3)   We need help with circulating the petition.  Please contact Terry Keelan to assist.


4)   Come to the next Blair Hills neighborhood meeting next Tuesday  at 7PM at

the Baldwin Hills Park community room to discuss mitigation ideas.

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