The Blair Hills Association                                March, 2004                                Edited by Bobbi Gold


THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2004, 7:00 PM SHARP!

The 6 candidates for City Council and 2 candidates for City Treasurer have all promised to appear at this forum. Everyone knows the financial problems facing every city government. This is an excellent opportunity to ask the candidates the questions which most concern you and your neighbors in Blair Hills.

Put this on your calendar now. Please plan to come about 10 minutes early to get settled. We have just two hours to become acquainted with the candidates and hear their viewpoints.


Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook























In the November View, we reported on two public workshops to design the restoration and improvement of this site, formerly known as Vista Pacifica. In lieu of a third public workshop, the Baldwin Hills Conservancy selected the preferred option and approved a project plan for final design and implementation in December, 2003.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report was prepared; the public comment period ran from January 8 to February 23. The DEIR is now being internally reviewed and finalized. Copies are available for review at the library at 4975 Overland Avenue, Culver City and the Park Ranger Station on Hetzler Road.

Being very hilly, the site is suitable more for hiking and contemplative activities than for soccer and playground games. Under the plan, non-native plants will be removed and the site will be restored with native vegetation that existed in this area around the year 1650. Oaks and toyon will be used as a buffer next to residential areas. Natural ridgelines and topography that were previously graded by the developer will be restored, and new hiking trails will be built.

A 10,300-square-foot environmentally designed visitor center will contain interpretive exhibits, a refreshment facility and staff offices. To preserve the beauty of the summit, the facility will be built somewhat below the hilltop on the southwest side of the parcel, and partially set into the hill to further lessen the visual impact. An access road and parking areas for 110 vehicles will be located on the western edge of the site, in an area which is less visible from above or below. Permeable paving in parking areas will reduce runoff from rain, an environmental plus.

The next phase will be to further refine the design details and start the working drawing process. Working drawings are the documents which when completed can be used to put the project out to bid for construction.

An interim hiking trail for the public has already been constructed, starting at the corner of Jefferson Blvd and Hetzler Rd; a shortcut begins at the Park Ranger offices situated higher up Hetzler Road past the homes (no sign). Picnic benches are located at key locations. From the summit one can see downtown to the east, the Hollywood sign to the north and the marina to the west. (Photos in this issue are in color on the Blair Hills website:

More information and an aerial view are available on the California State Parks website at:

Baldwin Hills Conservancy Evening Meeting in April

The Baldwin Hills Conservancy is the primary state agency responsible for acquiring open space in the Baldwin Hills for the expansion of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. The Conservancy will hold its April monthly meeting in the evening to facilitate public attendance. The date is Thursday, April 1, 2004, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Location: the Cafeteria of the Foundation for the Junior Blind, 5300 Angeles Vista Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90043 (north of Slauson Ave. Thomas Guide pg 673, D5-E5). The agenda will be published on the Conservancy's website before the meeting:

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