VIEW FROM BLAIR HILLS -- Photo courtesy of Kenneth Alexander, Blair Hills resident, 1/2008


Culver City is preparing an Environmental Impact Report for
proposed new oil field drilling within the city, and solicits
citizen input by November 12, 2015 (can be brought in person
to city hall Monday, November 9, 2015.  Read more here.


LA County Parks is developing the old school site as a
new passive recreation park, named Stoneview Park.
It will eventually have a meeting room that can be used for
neighborhood meetings, and access to the Park to Playa trail
that will go from the beach to Leimert Park.



The Blair Hills Association has represented the residents of Blair Hills, Culver City, for many years.  The association:

*       Holds meetings on issues of community interest and safety

*       Coordinates neighborhood action on issues that impact the quality of life of the neighborhood.

*       Provides a roster

Over the years the association has tackled important issues, from community earthquake safety, to (recently) an extended campaign for the Vista Pacifica addition to Baldwin Hills (Kenneth Hahn)     Park.  Blair Hills Association welcomes its new members.  You may also view our bylaws, history notes, historical movie from Pam Turner of the Petti family, general photos, 2006 picnic photos, and 2013 picnic photos.


*       Kerry Lue and Annie Wilson, Co-Presidents

*       Victoria Flame, Recording Secretary

*       Ellen Greif, Treasurer

*       Welcoming Committee: Cheri Sakai

*       Other committees: Hospitality, Nominating, Annual Block Party, Beautification

*       Jonathan Melvin: Web site, Communications, Emergency Preparedness


*       Stoneview park traffic study, 2013

*       Traffic calming work with Culver City

*       EIR procedure for oil well drilling near our neighborhood (large file - 1-2 minutes with DSL, 10+ minutes with modem) ** LATEST POSTING **

*       Ballona Creek Renaissance news

*       Conservancy news

*       Beautification Efforts

*       Friends of Baldwin Hills

*       Kenneth Hahn Park Fire, July 7, 2002  (Large files - load slowly; small files will load faster.)

*       Photos


*       Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

*       Culver City Amateur Emergency Radio Service (CCARES)

*       Preparedness Lists and Information



*       November 17, 2015 Meeting ** LATEST MEETING ON WEB SITE **

*       September 15, 2015 Meeting

*       July 21, 2015 Meeting

*       June 16, 2015 meeting presentation on development of Stoneview Park

*       May 19, 2015 Meeting

*       March 17, 2015 Meeting

*       February 17, 2015 Meeting

*       January 20, 2015 Meeting

*       November 18, 2014 Meeting

*       October 21, 2014 Meeting

*       September 16, 2014 Meeting

*       August 27, 2014 Meeting

*       June 17, 2014 Meeting

*       August 8, 2013 Picnic ** LATEST PICTURES ** (courtesy of Halford Fairchild)

*       April 2012 Meeting

*       February 2012 Meeting

*       January 2012 Meeting

*       November 2011 Meeting

*       October 2011 Meeting

*       September 2011 Meeting

*       July 2011 Meeting

*       June 2011 Meeting

*       May 17, 2011 Meeting

*       April 8, 2010 Meeting

*       September 24, 2009 Meeting

*       August 8, 2009 Picnic (and links to pictures)

*       April 2007 Newsletter ** LATEST NEWSLETTER **

*       November 2006 Newsletter  

*       August 2006 Newsletter

*       June 2006 Newsletter

*       March 2006 Newsletter

*       September 22, 2005 Meeting

*       September 2005 Newsletter

*       March 2005 Newsletter

*       March 2004 Newsletter

*       November 2003 Newsletter

*       February 2003 Newsletter

*       October 2002 Newsletter

*       May 2002 Newsletter

*       May 15, 2002 Meeting

*       August 2002 Newsletter

*       February 2002 Newsletter



*       Baldwin Hills Park Contact: Captain Scott Bixby (310)253-6398.  Watch commander (24 hours) (310)253-6202.

*       Culver City's Animal Control Ordinance

*       For nature lovers, click here for information about birds in our area (courtesy of Bobbi Gold, with additional content from Paul Richter).  Also,

LA Audubon Society conducts beginning bird watching tours in Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area on the 3rd Saturday of each month (Feb. 18th). Tours start at 8 AM. The following write-up is from the Audubon website:

"This trip covers landscaped parkland and natural coastal scrub habitats, and is paced for beginning birders and members of the Baldwin Hills community. The park entrance is off of La Cienega Blvd. Between Rodeo Rd. and Stocker St. After passing the entrance kiosk ($3 parking fee), turn left (leading to the “Olympic Forest”) and park in the first available spaces. Meet at 8:00 AM."

Bring binoculars, hat and sunscreen. For more information, go to

*       LA County area help with flooding problems:

For Individual Assistance (IA), people should call FEMA’s tele-help number to register for assistance or ask questions.  800-621-FEMA.  SBA (SBA 800-488-5323) is still operating out of the following offices:

*  Kenneth Hahn Recreation Center , 4100 S. La Cienega – Mondays and Tuesdays, 10am-6pm, open until further notice (depends on demand)

*  Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall, 6501 Fountain Ave. – Fridays 10am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-2pm, open until further notice

The Blair Hills Association is incorporated as a California non-profit corporation.
Web master: Jonathan Melvin.  Last updated 9/18/2015.